About Us

ESCOPR emphasizes in providing services in the optimization of energy and environmental resources for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Our firm is the first an only provider of quality engineering consulting on the development and implementation of energy conservation strategies, from audit to commissioning.
  • Energy Environmental Consulting Services LLC (ESCOPR) has been a leader in the energy efficiency since 2003. ESCOPR is comminted with providing an excellent service by providing quality consulting engineering on the development and implementation of energy conservation strategies and environmental projects, from audit, design and construction, to commissioning. 
  • Our objective is to provide the most innovative and efficient solutions to reduce operational costs by implementing the best renewable energy:  the conservation of energy, water and fuels. ESCOPR emphasizes in providing the following services in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.
    • Engineering Services
    • Cogeneration & Gas Infrastructure 
    • General Construction
    • Product Sales
  •  Business value depends greatly on energy optimization, conservation and environmental compliance assurance. It is our mission to provide businesses with the best solutions and state-of-the-art technologies to assure that they receive strong professional services to accomplish their operational objectives with low costs and high quality.
  • Our company supports clients by providing innovative solutions to complex problems focused on water, environmental, energy, fuel, infrastructure, and resource management.
  • ESCOPR can provide a core team of engineers and project management services to support the successful delivery and implementation of projects.
  • We have the best team of engineers, auditors, energy consultants, technical specialist and construction personnel. Specialized teams are established for every new or improved energy efficient and environmental project providing the best support for the clients in the following sectors:
    • Commercial
    • Institutional
    • Industrial
    • Government
    • Residential
  •  Our business is founded on the long-term relationships we’ve  built with our customers, on our expertise with energy efficient and environmental projects  for many multinational companies, market understanding and reputation for reliable delivering the required services. These are the credentials needed to assure our clients an expedited and successful completion of the services provided on time, on budget and in specification without compromising quality and safety.


Provide our clients with the most innovative solutions to reduce operational costs. Emphasize in cost effective solutions to reduce the use of energy, water and fuel consumption costs.


Implement an energy and water conservation program that promotes a saving strategy to reduce operational costs and extend the life of the natural resources by reducing the ecological footprint.


Our philosophy centralizes in optimizing the existing infrastructure assisting our clients to quickly implement conservation technologies providing the best economic and environmental benefits with minimum or no investment.

Request an Audit!

How to do it?

  1. Audit – Perform initial energy savings audit for (Lightning, HAC and Water systems)
  2. Proposal – Submit a preliminary proposal to client summarizing savings
  3. Measurement and Validation – Third party Measurement and Validation audit performed to verify energy savings
  4. Financial Verification – Financial application completed and approved
  5. Service Agreement – Services Agreement signed
  6. Construction and Installation – Coordinate installation with the facility to retrofit the new technologies